Tuesday, February 08, 2005

18 minutes, 2 seconds

I went for another run taking the same route from my condo to Burton Street and back again. My hamstrings were really tight as I spent all weekend on a winter retreat with members from my church. The sore muscles were caused by too much broom ball (played on an ice rink), football (played on a frozen pond), and hiking in snow shoes. Plus, sitting around Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl and eating junk food didn't help either.

For fun, I calculated my target heart rate at www.cancer.org using their handy Target Heart Rate calculator. As a 30 year old guy (almost 31) I should be aiming for 95-142 beats-per-minute (bpm) when running. May be I'll splurge on my birthday and purchase a heart rate monitor. Who knows? As a result, I've updated this blog's name to reflect my findings and to make it a bit more personal.


Football Spreads said...

Football on ice sounds terrible for your body. I just got done with 3 days of golf and my back is paying the price now.

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